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Panorama of Las Vegas

n. 47 - May 12-18, 1972


Italian singing Star MAL, currently appearing in the Las Vegas Hilton Casino Theatre, is topping the European record c h a r t s with his RCA recording of "Mighty Mighty Roly Poly". His smashing success at the Hilton has RCA executives busy pushing the disc for United States markets. He's backed by a group called Cyan. Four talented guys named George, Alberto, Roger and Gordon. International crowds are flocking to hear him wherever he appears and Las Vegas patrons love the Handsome Star.
Handled, in the United States by AMIT Promotion Inc., MAL was booked into the Hilton by Kolmer-Reich Productions Ltd. They're proud of their choise and happy with the enthusiastic response he's received in the Shov Business Capitol's largest Hotel Casino.
MAL is idolized throughout Italy as one of that Nation's top recording artists. His record sales have hit the 3 million mark. Among his hit singles on RCA Italy are "Tu sei bella come sei", "Occhi neri, Occhi neri" "Sole Pioggia e Vento", "Treno Che Corri" and his earlier mention smash hit ''Mighty Mighty Roly Poly". In addition of the hit singles, Mal has three successful albums: "Sua Eccelenza Mal dei Primitives", "Mal dei Primitives" and "Mal".
Mal is top in Italy but is actually a young Englishman named Paul Bradley Couling from the city of Oxford. He was discovered as a solo artist during the 1967 Cantagiro, singing his hit record "Yeeeh!". The Cantagiro, one of the major music festivals in Italy, featured Mal again in 1968 and 1969. He was also invited to perform at the San Remo Festival 1969, 1970 and 1971.
He began his own weekly show on Radio Monte Carlo in 1969 and is very much in demand as a guest on the top TV variety shows in Italy.
Mal made his motion picture debut in the film "Pensiero d'amore". In 1970 he starred in "Lacrime d'amore" and "Terzo Canale." He just completed "Amore Formula Uno" a motorcycle competition picture.
Italy's singing Idol, Mal, lives in Rome in a comfortable duplex apartment surrounded by terraces. His is a psychedelic pad filled with abstract paintings and a lilac piano on which he composes his songs. He is a sportscar buff driving a finely tuned Italian De Tomaso Sportster capable of hitting the 300 km per hour mark, and also collects antique armor.